Soup for the Soul

  • open every Friday 11 AM - 1 PM
  • Hot lunch served free of charge - regardless of the name, we hardly ever serve soup

transportation is avaliableplease call 979.285.8530 for more info

pictured volunteers serving cake

 Blessing Room Giveaway

Open Every Friday 11 AM to 1 PM same time as the soup kitchen

clothing all genders and sizes avaliable

Everything is FREE

Jesus Junkies

My wife and I, house and teach men and women with addictions how to have a relationship with Jesus.  Not by a 12 step program but by introducing them to the truth about who Jesus is and what He has done for them on a personal level based on biblical truths.   We do not believe once an addict always an addict.  We teach them that addiction can be healed not suppressed.  My wife and I have both overcome the power of addiction over our lives in this very way.  Today we teach others how to walk in the same freedom. 

The Freedom House

In our church, we welcome every person from every background and every walk of life.  We do not care where you come from, only where you are going...  Our mission is to bring the love of Christ to everyone we meet, in a very real and personal way.  To never take from the community, only give what we have so freely received.  We have done this by openning a soup kitchen to serve the hungry every Friday.  We have a clothes closet where we give slightly used clothing and houseware to those in need.  Not one time have we charged for anything we bring to the community and we never will.  We want every individual in Freeport TX and the surrounding area, to know through experience that God truly does care about them.  And we will not stop here, we are continually looking for ways to show our neighbors the love of the Father.  It is our goal, our mission and our life.   



Ages 12-18

To raise up a generation of youth that want to be real in their relationship with God and will take God's word and study it so that when the world tries to knock them down they will be equipped to take a stand with courage and be victorious. 

To allow God to work through their talents, gifts, and dreams to reveal God's love to a generation who wants truth.




 A Company of Women

"where love is perfected through our imperfections"

The Freedom House's Women of Faith.  Our vision is to create an atmosphere of support, love, encouragement, and inspiration.  Where ladies feel free and welcome, to build true and lasting relationships with other women, draw closer to Jesus, and just be REAL.  No judgment, No masks, and no silly stuff.  You will be prayed for, cared for and feel like you belong to something important.  Our focus is to lead our ladies into a fuller revelation of Salvation and Purpose.  Get ready!


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